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Contact us at if you need assistance or want further information.


Will my rally pack be sent to me before the event?

Absolutely. Please send us a pressure tested self-addressed coconut and depending on tidal conditions it should reach you by around late 2024. Alternatively, you can collect at the meet and greet on Thursday 2 November at the Stirling Arms.

I’ve had experiences about stewards getting me lost on other nationals will the Swan Valley be any better?

Sorry we’re still trying to find the fluorescent vests, the ones with the little velcro tabs at the back. We’ll  get  back to you on that one.

Am  I insured during the rides at the rally?

ANCSR will have $10M public liability insurance cover for all valid rally pack holders provided via the Lambretta Club of Australia. This covers injury and damage to third parties – not you or your scooter. All riders should ensure they have full and comprehensive insurance cover for their scooters and themselves. All scooters at the event must be licensed and road legal.

Is the rally accommodation based on a single site?

Nope. Everybody is different in their accommodation tastes so rather than having one site that fits all (we’re still laughing over that one) we’re leaving it to you to choose what and where to stay. In saying that, we’ve chosen the evening venues in reasonable proximity to each other to try and reduce travel logistics and cost. However, if you want a campsite experience the Discovery Park, Swan Valley is the go.

What’s the weather going to be like?

If the planet still exists in 2023 (and shame on you for riding a belching, farting, spit backing 2 stroke engine) it should be good. The average temperature in the Swan Valley in November ranges from a high of 27°C to a low of 14°C which is perfect for your farting, spit backing, belching 2 stroke engine.

Are automatic scooters or motorcycles welcome to ride at the event?

Nope. Geared scooters only. 


Are there petrol stations along the country route with 95 or 98 octane?

Yes. You’re going to the Swan Valley not the moon.

What happens if I break down?

Your scooter will stop and your mates will laugh. On the plus, your fuel consumption will reduce.

Is there a back-up van?

Yes.  Rally packs will contain the mobile numbers of the back-up van drivers and we’ll also post on the website and FB page beforehand.  Vans will have ratchet straps and un-oiled spare fuel.

What riding gear should I wear?

The best you can afford. Full face helmets, armoured jackets, boots, kevlar jeans and gloves are a good start. Fish tail parkas on the other hand should be doused in petrol and burned before riding.

Is the Swan Valley expensive?

Depends on your baseline. You’ll be paying about $10-12 a pint, $25-45 for an evening meal ($15-$20 for something light). Four star room for a couple looking at $150-$200 per night. Three star around $100. There’s also caravan parks within close proximity if you want to go old school with a tent or caravan. (Discovery Park on Benara Rd, Caversham WA is one good option.)

Do I have to be a member of a scooter club to attend?


Can I buy a rally pack if I’m not riding a geared scooter?

Yup. But you’ll need a geared scooter to go on the ride outs.

Is the riding good?

Yup. The roads will generally be quiet but plenty of opportunity to open up.  Quality of roads in WA is very good (unlike the drivers).  The countryside we’re riding through ranges from coastal to farmland to wineries and is very scenic. There’s a good mixture of local and country ride outs on the event program. As we go country they’ll be kangaroos so be mindful when riding. Where there’s roadkill there’s scavengers. Keep an eye out for wedge tail eagles, they’re pretty cool.


Will there be a furtherest  ridden trophy?

We haven't changed our view since 2011 that “futherest” is a real word, but in 2023 we’re not doing a show and shine, so no, well maybe as that  trophy still makes us laugh.

I haven't been on a rally before, do you have any tips?

Don't get into a round with a scooter club otherwise it'll be an expensive night and hazy morning. Apart from than that don't be shy, talk to new people and have fun.

Can I attend an evening only event?

Yes. They’ll be some on the door tix sales but they’ll be limited.

I'm busy at work, can't afford it, WA is miles away, scooter needs work, I can't be bothered going

Life is short, do things that make you happy, create memories - ride your scooter.

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